The actual research takes place
Investigation is done in the staff of our company registration.

Examiner 20 people Interviewer 60 people The administrator of the applicable person 20 people
A. The case of the fixed quantity investigation
(It investigates quantitatively.)
1.Investigation meeting place
From the inside of the rent conference place of the 50 (meeting place investigation) whole country (30 suburbs in the city)
The meeting place which is applicable to the target, it is picked out at random From the simple investigation by self notes-type which takes a questionnaire to the general applicable person. It is being supported widely to the synthetic investigation.
There are two kinds of street Recruit Co.,Ltd. and Recruit Co.,Ltd. in advance.
2.The street investigation
Street test The questionnaire which is easy for the general passer-by on the road decided in advance.
The method which is taken in.
3.It is visited, and it investigates
It is visited, and it investigates.
From the inside of each area, the way of visiting the home where it was extracted at random which a questionnaire is taken in.
A product is actually held, and it can have it used, too
B.The case of the fixed quantity investigation (It investigates qualitatively.)
Group interview
Group interview Recruit Co.,Ltd. (securing) is the general applicable person moved to the target in advance.
The form that an interview is done with the meeting form.
Display interview
The contents pointed out more than a group interview, by the one-to-one style The form that it interviews it.
Question, inquiry is ・・・・ to this.
 Web research
Peace Research will begin web research of all genres
with our best-kept knowledge and experience.
What is webresearch? It is a method of research that is applicable to all genres.
This is made possible by having approximately 2000 registered monitor members that have been collected over the last two years since we began our web page.

For a research company, it is a system that can make all the procedures collaborate smoothly from project planning, question making to comprehending and interpreting the results.
Special Features of web research

■ It is the condensed form of all the experience and knowledge we have gathered throughout the last 15 years.

■ Allows the questioner form creation to be developed in one day---Fast!

■ Enables the possibility of showing a picture, graphic or explanatory note on the questioner---This allows a visual element.

■ Allows us to deliver the actual information the day after the results have been compiled.

■ Corresponds reflectively on the subject’s satisfaction rate or well viewing of the existing product or service by consumers.---apply to MA/SA/FA

■ Reasonable cost
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